8 The Best Optical Drives

Hi, dear reader, before giving you a list of the best optical drives, pleases. You need to have some understanding of the optical drive.

Do you know what an optical drive is?

What is the difference between an optical drive and a DVD?

After knowing the answers to these questions, you should determine the best optical drive for 2020. For this, I am here to help you find the best optical drive for your laptop in the budget.

Let’s start discussing the optical drive in a few sentences.

What is an optical drive?

Optical disc drive refers to a computer system that allows users to use DVD, CD and Blu-ray disc drives. The device contains lenses that project electromagnetic waves,

which are responsible for reading and writing data on the disc.

What is the difference between an optical drive and a DVD?

Optical disc drive refers to a computer system that allows users to use DVD, CD and Blu-ray disc drives. E DVD has a storage capacity of 4.7 GB and can be used to store data for various purposes.

If you use a desktop computer, you need to buy a separate optical drive. It’s built into the laptop, but it doesn’t last long. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase an external optical drive.

The optical drive lets you play CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and many other formats.

After giving a brief explanation, I will provide you with a list of the best optical drives for 2020. After checking the budget, I have selected these optical drives for your use.

Table of best Optical Drives: The Best Optical Drives

  1. Dell USB DVD Drive-DW316
  2. Pioneer BDR-XD07B
  3. Lite-On IT Corporation Optical Drives EBAU108
  4. ASUS ASUS LITE Portable
  5. SEA TECH 1 Archon
  6. Verbatim External Slimline
  7. KILINEO External CD/DVD Drive
  8. Rodda’s External CD Drive, USB 3.0 Portable

1. Dell USB DVD Drive-DW316 :The Best Optical Drives

Dell DW316 allows you to enjoy clear colors, clear pictures, and sounds from CDs and DVDs.

Able to read/burn CDs and read DVDs. Dell Slim DVD +/– RW external USB optical drive is an additional component for playing optical discs. Recording and playback solutions that can be used with USB ports

All you have to do is connect the device to the port on the device. Within a few seconds, the system will be up and running. This way you can freely burn your favorite CD or DVD.

Last but not least, we are pleased to note that the device comes with the Cybermediadia software package pre-installed. This is an easy-to-use software that you can always use when trying to read or record content.

Similarly, you can use it to install computer programs stored on disk. In terms of performance, Dell DW316 is very suitable for the products provided by most competitors.

The maximum playback speed of a CD is 24 times, and the maximum playback speed of a DVD is 8 times. You can also provide the same typing speed.

2. Pioneer BDR-XD07B :The Best Optical Drives

BDR-XD07B is one of the smallest and lightest laptops. BD / DVD / CD burner that supports BDXL and M-DISC worldwide. The ultra-compact 133 × 133 mm USB 3.0 drive is capable of reading and writing all BDXL1 discs.

Including 100 GB three-layer BD-R media, 128 GB four-layer BD-R media, and 100 GB BD-RE media. Tri-layer media and conventional Blu-ray discs (25 GB single-layer media and 50 GB dual-layer media.

The dimensions are only 133 mm (width) X 133 mm (depth) X 14.8 mm (height) and the weight is only 230 grams. It can also power portable devices directly via USB (no AC adapter required).

BDR-XD07B only includes CyberLink “CyberLink Media Suite 10” software (for Windows operating system only).

Power2Go®8 allows you to burn precious files to Blu-ray (including three- and four-layer BDXL discs). With BDXL and M-DISC support, fewer disks can now be used to back up files than before.

And since the reader is portable and powered by the USB bus, all these operations can be performed.

3. Lite-On IT Corporation Optical Drives EBAU108 :

EBAU108 Lite-On is an ultra-thin, ultra-compact, and ultra-light device that is easy to carry.

When you need to install the application from the disk, you can insert it into the bag, which is easy to manage reader. Backup some videos or watch DVDs.

The EBAU108 is powered directly by the USB port of the computer, so everything you need already exists. The external drive and simple USB cable make it easy to carry the adapter.

You don’t need drivers for most operating systems, just plug them in and get started. Lite-On’s SMART Burn technology ensures that each disc and our unique Link2TV are burned correctly.

This feature allows you to connect the device to the TV’s USB port. Press and hold the eject button for a few seconds, then use the TV media viewer.

Browse videos, images, or music on the disc. It is so light that you will forget to wear it, but it contains the actual use of Lite technology.

4.   ASUS ASUS LITE Portable :  most suitable Optical Drives:

When viewing this disc for the first time, you can underestimate its potential. However, when considering its specifications, you will notice the type of value it provides.

With an excellent 8X DVD burning speed and a simplified backup solution, the player is worth the money.

It is important to create a sophisticated look that can easily be associated with a Mac. Another thing to note about this inexpensive player is that it provides password-controlled disk encryption security.

This is a useful feature to improve device security. To make transactions more enjoyable, the ASUS device offers comprehensive drag-and-drop functionality and an intuitive interface.

Andrew-08d2s-u Lite is an ultra-thin external DVD burner that can run 8 times faster.

The sleek and portable design includes a space-saving stand. The mesh surface of the disc is inspired by diamonds, which makes the product unique in every corner. Features include USB 2.0 and e-green engine for simple optical storage available.

5. SEA TECH 1 Archon :

We like this model for several reasons. First, it is a high-end external DVD player with a durable 1mm aluminum casing.

Secondly, it is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems from the beginning. But this is not all. It also comes with USB and C cables to provide more convenience.

This unit is mainly designed for users seeking performance options. In addition, if you have insufficient experience and want plug-and-play experience, this is your record.

You can use this optical drive for multitasking without any problems. All in all, this is an excellent choice to meet your reading and writing needs.

Well, your best request is here. This is a high-quality optical drive that can meet all your needs. Whether it is writing or reading on the disc, this model can complete all operations.

It works exceptionally well; however, it may not be a reliable option for long-term use.

6. Verbatim External Slimline:  useful Optical Drives

The Verbatim Slimline external CD / DVD burner offers a solution for portable users.

This lightweight external CD / DVD burner weighs just 12 ounces. It fits easily into a laptop and allows users to read/burn CDs and DVDs anytime and anywhere.

The device is powered by a USB port on a laptop or ultrabook, without the need to carry other AC cables.

In addition to supporting all common read and write functions in CD and DVD format. The Verbatim Slimline external CD / DVD burner is compatible with M-Disc. Provide archiving solutions when using advanced disks.

Ideal for backing up sensitive data and music and video libraries

The Verlineim Slimline CD / DVD burner includes a Nero Burn & Archive program. It is used to store and burn disks smoothly, with complete security and reliability.

The optical drive can be internal or external, which is an important choice when deciding which optical drive to buy. The internal drive is located in the computer and is connected via an IDE or SATA port

7. KILINEO External CD/DVD Drive :

KILINEO CD burner comes with a new 100% original core, which is much more durable than other used external drives. This portable external CD/DVD player is the best quality of its kind and is ideal for versatile daily use.

The compact model has an elegant, compact and modern structure

CD-DVD/KILINEO is very compliant with the USB 3.0 specification. Fast charging to load/burn discs is fast, efficient, and stable, while compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.0.

You can easily use our CD-DVD driver to watch movies, burn files, install programs, or create backup CDs. Meet all your disc burning and reading needs

The embroidered metal case allows you to touch and enjoy the view. It has powerful error correction technology, shockproof, and noise reduction functions.

Low power consumption and power supply via USB port, no external power adapter required. The multi-function DVD burner can read multiple disc formats in almost all regions of the world.

8. Riodda’s External CD Drive, USB 3.0 Portable :

The Rioddas external DVD player is another DVD device in similar searches. High-performance equipment that seeks to enter the DVD market continuously.

Similar to many other products, none of these products offer new or unheard-of things. Aside from the possibility of brushed metal finishes, this brushed metal finish is not common in other devices of this type.

Rioddas external DVD players are compatible with various versions of Linux, Mac, and Windows. The DVD player also includes Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10, and Windows 2000, providing plug-and-play functionality and a USB 3.0 connection.

It also provides compatibility with USB 2.0 and USB 1.0 devices.

This unit supports DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R, CD-RW, and many other formats and the maximum DVD playback speed is 8 xs. The maximum playback speed of a CD is 24 times and the maximum writing speed of a CD is 8 times.

Unfortunately, Rioddas external DVD drives also have some disadvantages, including some compatibility issues. But not all Windows 10 systems have quite high performance.

Final words:

Optical archiving is a very reliable method for archiving files and transferring content using highly advanced equipment. In the last review, whether you are looking for internal or external drives, there are many things to do.

you must insist on always getting the most value in the market. In order to read the quality, I have read the reviews of this CD.

Choosing an optical drive can be a challenge, especially in large numbers. However, it is up to you to decide which type of equipment is best for your needs.

We have tried our best to view all the data on the optical drive to save time and money. You only need to choose one according to your personal preference.

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