How to Fix Pink Screen on a Laptops [buyer Guide]

Are you searching for how to fix the pink screen on a laptops? Is your laptop screen is appearing pink in color or greenish pink or with some sorts of lines as well? Then you don’t have to take it on the heart because you are in the right place where you will find all the ways to solve this problem. This happening is common when the laptop software or hardware has some sort of issue in it. Firstly, I am going to tell you that this pink screen happens because of two main reasons:

  • Problem in Software
  • Problem in Hardware

This pink screen is usually due to these two very problems. The pink screen is basically recognized as an issue of a loose connection of wires within the system which often causes discoloration. Which looks like that…

How to Fix Pink Screen on Laptop                              How to Fix Pink Screen on Laptop

How to Fix Pink Screen on Laptops

In this situation, you have no need to worry because I am going to solve this problem in a comfy manner for you. As I have already told u that is major issues are two: problem in the software of the laptop or some problem in the hardware of the laptop. But with this, it is also possible that a pink screen happens because of some small reasons.

Now let have a suggestion to solve this problem.

  • The problem in the software on the laptop :

To confirm either the pink screen happens due to the problem in the software of the laptop. Follow the following steps:

  • Turn off your laptop.
  • Check all the wires either they are perfectly arranged attached or not.
  • When u are satisfied with the above points.
  • Let your laptop open.
  • When your laptop opens look at the screen whether it is pink or greenish pink or having some lines. Then go to the setting and look is there is a need to update the window or to update the software. If in settings u got a signal of updating update it quickly.
  • If after updating or without updating the pink screen is still there so have a look at the installment of graphic cards.
  • It is said earlier the if the pink screen is due to software issue then u have to check the internal problems of laptops so install the stable version of graphic cards.
  • In addition to this also uninstall unwanted apps. As we all know that installing some apps on laptops brings viruses as well so uninstall unwanted apps. It will help you clean your laptop.


After doing all that the pink screen will leave your laptop screen and you feel get rid of this problem. But after doing all that if the pink screen is still there then it will be clear that there is no problem in your software of laptop instead it is a problem of hardware of the laptop.


  • The problem is the hardware of the laptop:

If the pink screen is not fixed, by doing the up methods. Then it is pretty clear that there must be some problem with the hardware of the laptop. It can be solved but it is not so easy, it may cost your money or there must be a need to repaired or replaced the hardware. But trying our level best in this case I will recommend you;

  • Off your laptop properly. Wait a minute.
  • Then open your laptop.
  • If you are able to open the laptop means you are able to spare the part of the laptop does. Open your laptop completely and then clean it out with the help of the brush. Because sometimes there are dust particles that stuck into the system of the laptop so clean your laptop.
  • After cleaning, attached your laptop properly check the wires safely and you will see that the pink screen is gone.
  • If the pink screen is still here and you are now sure that this is not a software problem. Instead, this is a hardware problem, so in this case, you have to go and see the professionals, the professional will see your laptop and suggest you whether your laptop hardware is good or fully abrupt. Software problems can be solved but the hardware problem is in the system of the laptop so it is better to check it by professionals.
  • Otherwise, you keep on setting the laptop it will damage your laptop as well. So if you are unaware of this act don’t try to do that.


But I hope that after doing all that process your problem must be solved smoothly, this problem is not a very hard problem, it can be done nicely.

Some other Problems……how to fix the pink screen on a laptops

For the sake of fixing your pink screen, be patient and follow the following.

Heating up of laptop:

Sometimes the screen also appears pink because sometimes the laptop heats up due to excessive use. Check your laptop either it heats up or not. If u feel it hot, turn off your laptop for the minutes until it cold down again. This will also help you get rid of the pink screen.

Loose connections of wires:

Firstly check that your wires are connected properly or not. Most of the time the pink screen appears due to poor connections of wires. So make sure that all the wires are connected properly.

The virus in the laptop:

Sometimes the pink screen is due to the virus on the laptop. Delete all the unwanted apps. Install an antivirus app that helps cleaning your laptop. Get rid of viruses, you will also get rid of the pink screen as well.

Poor graphics cards:

If you have graphic cards in your laptop, make sure that you are installing a stable graphic card, poor graphics cards also turn your screen pink in color.

I think you all are satisfied with all these conditions? I provide you best with my knowledge and believe me this all is well experienced by me personally.

I hope my article provides you best with information, please comment if you have some problems, I will try to solve all of your problems. Also, like my article, if you like it.


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