Dell vs HP Which Laptops Brand is Better

Are You Confused about Dell vs HP which laptops brand is better?

Clam down no need to be confused in this article I will explain in detail that Dell vs HP which laptops brand is the better.


The dell organization was formed on 4th November 1984. It is an American multinational organization and location of this organization is Round Rack Texas United State, that produces, sales and holds up other computers and linked production and aids.

Dell is considered as one of the biggest technological organization in the whole world. MICHAEL DELL was the founder of Dell Company. His name was counted in the list of young CEO’s. He was a very hardworking and intelligent person. 1st Dell Personal Computer was established in 1986.

Dell has never stopped his hard work and takes the industry to the peak of success by making new grounds and preceding critical advancement in homes, small traders, and computing services

The basic aim of Dell Company is to be the most famous and successful in the world. To complete his aim this company tried to fulfill customers’ requirements and expectations of the best quality technology.

Some Features Of Dell 

Dell is one of the best known and organized PC brands. Some of the features of Dell Brand is as follow

Video Assist On Laptops 

Dell’s personal computers are the best computers for watching movies, cartoons, and sports because they contain video graphic cards with high quality.

Dell laptops consist of a minimum of 128-bits hardware video helpers with a minimum of 8MB of video memory depending on the type of laptop. There are two audio jacks are present for linking peripheral speakers, microphones or head free.

Two stereo type speakers and a microphone are present in computers.

Small Sized Tower Feature 

The Dell Studio XPS 7100 is a desktop tower which is smaller in size and have a variety of feature that makes it one of the best desktop computers. This Dell desktop contains 1GB ATI Radeon Graphic Card which permits editing and seeing videos.

This desktop computer also consists of an optical drive that permits you to see DVD’s and blue ray films and you can also blaze your CDs and DVDs. It also contains a built-in 1 GB Ethernet card and it consists of 6GB of memory.

Studio-14 Laptops 

The Studio 14 laptop is one of the best dell laptops. This laptop is more genius than the others. Studio 14 has a 14-inch screen with the best quality pictures and it has a suggestion of Intel core i3 processor, Intel i5 processor or Intel i7 processor.

Wireless cards are basic for these laptops.



  • It has a beautiful metal body.
  • Dell Touchpads and motherboards have more than 9 years of warranty.




HP BRAND HP stands for Hewlett Packard. This was an American multinational technological organization located in Plato Alto California. The Company was established and gave a big range of hardware and software elements and related facilities to customers.

Splitting Of HP

In 1999, HP split into two separate organizations.

  1. HP
  2. Agilent Technologies.

The first brand line of Hewlett-Packard, Examined and Measured equipment goes to Agilent technologies 

HP remained his focus on its sooner device which includes computers and printers.

This brand has a decided goal to take their company to the peak of success by providing customers with good quality products and fulfill their expectations. This brand wants to make strong their market leadership.

They tried their level best to fulfill their commitments to their workers. HP’s brand goal was to get more and more profit.

Features Of HP Brand

Flawless Product

The HP laptops are the best laptops they don’t need extra devices. It contains all features such as its motherboard, touchpad. Most of them have a built-in camera, microphone.

Wi-Fi Connection

Wi-Fi connection is another feature of these laptops as it permits wireless internet connection through Wi-Fi. You can take your laptop where ever you want with Wi-Fi and links to the internet.

Offline Activities 

You can also use HP laptops with comfort for the diversity of presentations, articles, and assignments, etc.


HP laptops are easy to move anywhere because of their convenient sizes. You can take laptops in your offices, homes, universities, etc.



  • The most cast-iron framework in the mid of all the laptops.
  • The laptops of the HP brand are more reliable and it gives the best results. It can be due to the backdrop of your PC so HP is the best-experienced brand.
  • The prices of this brand are mostly reasonable for everyone.


  • Naming the list has no clarity.
  • mostly useless extra software



Nowadays we can’t live our lives without laptops, they are the main part of our lives. no one is using a frtraditional desktop Pc because the current time is much more modern. Everyone prefers a laptop over PCs.

So to fulfill the needs of customers different brands are making a laptop with a variety of features, quality, and prices. Let’s compare Dell with HP and find out which brand is the best and why?


 As compared to HP the design, outlook, and finishing of Dell laptop is not so impressive. People complain that Dell is not showing any progress in design. On the other hand, the design of HP laptops is very impressive, attractive and unique.

They always try their best to launch a laptop with the best outlook.


 But when it comes to components Dell never compromises and it is considered the best laptop with high-quality components, on the other hand, HP is not doing so well as compared to Dell based on components.


 Now let’s compare Dell and HP based on price. On price, Dell laptops are less expensive and affordable than the HP laptops. Most of the laptops of the HP brand are of a high price than Dell laptops.

CONCLUSION:Dell vs HP which laptops brand is better

If we talk about the price and component Dell is the best brand and if we talk about design HP brand is best. So according to me, both brands are best at their on place. HP laptops have a high-quality battery that lasts longer and on the other hand, the battery of DELL is not durable.

HP laptops lack good quality as compared to DELL laptop. But the high-quality battery of HP laptops makes it more useful and efficient for heavy-duty works such as for office users who use laptops for a long time daily.

When it comes to features HP laptops have great features as compared to DELL laptops. So, in short, it is impossible to conclude that which brand is best because in some qualities DELL laptop is best and in other quality, HP is a good choice.

So we can’t degrade any of the brands because both brands have some pros and some cons regarding their design, price, features, components, software, batteries and durability.

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